How we work

With our consultancy on-demand model you get access to industry expert advice for both ongoing support and specific projects without the long-term commitment.

We charge a rate that is competitive and flexible to your requirements.

After a free initial discussion we will assign the team member with the most relevant skills and experience to work closely with you for however long you need.

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Check out the frequently asked questions.

What is consultancy on-demand?

Traditional consulting models can be hampered by rigid engagement start and end points, complex and lengthy onboarding and are generally more suited to large-scale projects with clearly defined deliverables.

While more structured and reliant on longer-term detailed analysis, it can be difficult to change course with traditional consultancy services once a project is in motion. In short, traditional consulting can be expensive, time-consuming and overly engineered for today’s organisations.

Our model offers a different route. It’s less structured approach better suits the increased ambiguity today’s organisations face, with shorter, overlapping and evolving projects possible in a similar vein to digital sprints.

How do you charge?

Our entire team of consultants charge at a set rate. Clients choose the type of expertise and support they need and we start as soon as we can. Then we make adjustments as their support needs change over time.

Where are you based?

Most of our team are based in the UK and the rest of Europe so we can work remotely or in-person where possible.